GG:LAB f:RE MEGAgrip Plus Goalkeeper Gloves Size

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GG:LAB f:RE MEGAgrip Plus Goalkeeper Gloves Size

Introducing e:LMNTL – Inspired by the five elements to coincide with world environment day 2021 and to launch the new gloveglu green initiative

GG:LAB has created a unique range of goalkeeper gloves, inspired by the five elements, to celebrate World Environment Day 2021 and to promote their new gloveglu green initiative. The flagship model of this range is the f:RE, which offers exceptional performance and versatility.


  • Hybrid negative cut for excellent ball contact
  • Breathaprene body for comfort and breathability
  • Palm Protect to prevent latex abrasion
  • Gloveglu MEGAgrip Palm Technology for ultimate grip and ball control
  • Can be worn strapless or with wrist straps

The f:RE goalkeeper gloves are designed with a hybrid negative cut, allowing for excellent ball contact and control. The breathaprene body provides comfort and breathability, ensuring that your hands stay cool and dry during intense matches. The Palm Protect feature prevents latex abrasion, extending the lifespan of the gloves.

One of the standout features of the f:RE gloves is the exclusive gloveglu MEGAgrip Palm Technology. This innovative technology offers ultimate grip and ball control, giving goalkeepers the confidence to make crucial saves. Whether you’re facing a powerful shot or a delicate lob, the f:RE gloves will help you secure the ball with ease.

What sets the f:RE gloves apart is their versatility. They can be worn strapless for a minimalist feel, allowing for maximum freedom of movement. Alternatively, you can attach the wrist straps for added support and stability. The gloves come with two separate strap options, giving you the flexibility to choose the style that suits you best.

Cut, Palm, Backhand, Body Wrist, Strap

  • Cut: Hybrid Negative
  • Palm: gloveglu MEGAgrip Palm Technology
  • Backhand: Silicone print
  • Body Wrist: Breathaprene
  • Strap: Elastic / Removable

The f:RE gloves feature a hybrid negative cut, combining the best elements of a negative cut and a roll finger cut. This cut provides a snug fit and excellent ball contact, allowing for precise handling and distribution.

The palm of the gloves is equipped with gloveglu MEGAgrip Palm Technology, which offers unrivaled grip and control. This technology ensures that the gloves maintain their grip even in wet conditions, giving goalkeepers an edge in challenging weather.

The backhand of the gloves features a silicone print, providing additional support and protection. This print enhances the durability of the gloves, making them suitable for intense training sessions and matches.

The body wrist of the gloves is made of breathaprene, a breathable and lightweight material. This ensures that your hands stay cool and comfortable throughout the game, reducing sweat and discomfort.

The strap of the gloves is elastic and removable, allowing for easy customization. You can adjust the strap to achieve the perfect fit and support for your wrists.

Inspired by the five elements

The e:LMNTL range of goalkeeper gloves is inspired by the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and spirit. Each element represents a different aspect of the game and adds a unique touch to the gloves.

The earth element symbolizes stability and grounding, providing a solid foundation for goalkeepers to build upon. The water element represents fluidity and adaptability, allowing goalkeepers to move with ease and agility. The fire element signifies passion and determination, fueling goalkeepers’ desire to succeed. The air element represents freedom and lightness, enabling goalkeepers to soar and make acrobatic saves. Finally, the spirit element embodies the mental and emotional strength required to excel in high-pressure situations.

Fast & Free Shipping

When you purchase the f:RE goalkeeper gloves, you can enjoy fast and free shipping. We understand the importance of receiving your gloves promptly, so we strive to deliver them to you as quickly as possible. With our fast and free shipping, you can start using your new gloves in no time.

In conclusion, the GG:LAB f:RE MEGAgrip Plus Goalkeeper Gloves Size are a top-of-the-line choice for goalkeepers who prioritize performance, comfort, and versatility. With their hybrid negative cut, gloveglu MEGAgrip Palm Technology, and unique design inspired by the five elements, these gloves offer exceptional grip, ball control, and style. Whether you prefer a strapless or strapped fit, the f:RE gloves have got you covered. Order your pair today and experience the difference for yourself!